Municipalities that are members in PCPS are provided quality professional planning assistance by a dedicated core of professional planners and planning support staff at a reduced rate.

Planners employed with us are available to assist municipalities on a variety of projects/tasks and at variable levels of assistance. Compared to a single in-house planner, members in PCPS are able to access a variety of planners and planning support staff with differing skills and areas of experience. This enables us to cover a broader range of services and more active project schedules than any single individual.

PCPS operates under conflict of interest guidelines that are intended to maintain the integrity and credibility of our assistance with a municipality’s regulatory responsibilities. This means we do not serve both a municipality and the development community within the same municipality.

Member municipalities are eligible to participate in direct decision making regarding the organizational structure and policies of PCPS. This takes the form of Council representation at annual general meetings and opportunities to be part of the Board of Directors.

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