Village of Delburne

Issue Title: Land Use Bylaws
Challenge Description:

The Village of Delburne was proposing a number of major changes to the Land Use Bylaw to address community planning issues and shortfalls within the existing LUB. It was important to the Village to maintain transparency throughout the process and to balance public concern with healthy community planning.

Solution Description:

To provide the community with extended opportunities to understand development within the Village and the Land Use Bylaw, review the proposed changes, ask questions and discuss concerns, and provide constructive feedback.

PCPS worked with and supported the Village of Delburne to provide public awareness and consultation opportunities. These included:

  • A PCPS and Village hosted Open House that showcased visuals to illustrate proposed changes to the LUB and gather community input on specific planning topics. The visuals used during the Open House, panels and maps, were then showcased in various locations and events throughout the Village during the extended consultation process.
  • PCPS provided distribution materials such as handouts outlining key changes to the LUB and information on development permits and posters advertising the LUB review, how to get involved, and the various opportunities to provide comments.
  • PCPS attended Snowflake Saturday, an annual community event, to interact with the community providing information on the draft LUB, answer questions, and gather comments.
  • PCPS attended a special Council meeting prior to the Public Hearing to present the draft LUB, outline changes that came about from public consultation, and answer questions from Council and the community.

Collaborating with the Village and Steering Committee, PCPS was able to identify engagement opportunities specific to the Village, provide customized support, and create transparency in the process. This led to Council taking on a more involved role, opened up greater dialogue with the community regarding the major changes being proposed, and allowed for an informed adoption of the updated Land Use Bylaw.

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