Town of Ponoka

Issue Title: Staff Shortages
Challenge Description:

Finding and retaining experienced staff is a challenge all employers face. This challenge can be magnified in small organizations where entire departments are made up of only a few staff members. When staff move on a large gap is left within the organization.

The Town of Ponoka had lost both staff members from their planning department in short succession. This left a major interruption in service delivery and expertise for the municipality.

Solution Description:

PCPS was able to quickly offer the Town of Ponoka relief planning staff to help maintain service levels as they began recruiting replacement staff. PCPS provided in office support for day-to-day operations of the department, permit and subdivision processing, and developer and stakeholder meetings.


Having the operations of the department taken care of allowed the Town to take its time finding high quality replacement staff, and has resulted in the Town joining PCPS as a new member municipality.

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