Town of Innisfail

Issue Title: Industrial Development
Challenge Description:

Having so much industrial development that your community finds itself running out of space is arguably a great problem to have, but it is still a problem. Once traditional industrial areas have been filled, communities are tasked not only with finding new areas for development, but also with ensuring that development is competitive in the Central Alberta economic context.

The Town of Innisfail has seen significant industrial growth over the past decade and is now facing the challenge of developing new industrial areas. Attempting to determine where and how that development should take place requires careful consideration of the Town's plans as well as the development of progressive policy to ensure that Innisfail is competitive with their neighbours.

Solution Description:

PCPS provided indepth qualitative and quantitative analysis of the Town's industrial development prospects in order to understand the challenges and opportunities facing Innisfail's industrial development. We worked closely with Council to create feasible policy directions.


With a concise and targeted industrial strategy in hand, Innisfail is prepared to guide and support development that will ensure Innisfail remains a complete community that has high quality jobs for present and future residents, as well as a diversified tax base.

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